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Jokes! The October 27th Edition

Photo by David Harris @davidharrisphotos

Welcome to the first edition of Jokes!

An Iowa woman was killed as the result of an explosion at a gender reveal party. They have not released the identity of the victim, but the Knoxville Sheriff's department is thrilled to announce MARK AND DIANE ARE HAVING A BOY!

Tropical storm Olga left a path of destruction after hitting Mississippi and Alabama. Forecasters knew the storm would be ugly when they heard it was named Olga.

Apple is warning iPhone 5 users to update their phones if they want to stay online. iPhone 5 users did not get the message because they are constantly at 1%.

Bishops gathered at the Vatican this weekend to propose a change allowing married Deacons to become Priests due to a clergy shortage. You'd think that'd be the second most important reason for the change.

An Arkansas woman texted her dead father's phone every day for four years and finally received a text back. Sadly, it was not her father, just some asshole who wound up with his phone number.

Halloween is around the corner and I just want to remind you all: a sale on shoe polish is not the universe giving you a sign.

"Joker" is atop the box office again after earning $18.9 million this weekend. Warner Brother's wants to remind all movie goers "if you see Jared Leto, run towards the exits."

Jared Leto is furious about the success of "Joker." He has denied this rumor, but insiders say he has spent the last three weeks plotting a laughing gas attack.

A recent study showed people without families are more likely to suffer suicidal thoughts around the holidays. I find this strange because the only time I experience suicidal thoughts is when I'm around family.

An asteroid the size of a football field was spotted by NASA earlier this week. It is not expected to hit Earth, providing one less football field for the New York Jets to lose on.

Tune in next week for more Jokes!

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