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Jokes! The November 24th Edition

Here are this weeks Jokes!

- Donald Trump awarded Jon Voight with the National Medal of Arts this weekend. Shortly after, they were heard debating whose daughter was hotter.

- The Yankees have hired their first female hitting coach. This a drastic change for the organization, which usually only hires female hitting players.

- Rudy Giuliani stated he is “not afraid of indictments.“ Clearly, the only thing that scares Rudy is dentists.

- A Florida dog was doing doughnuts in an unmanned vehicle for nearly an hour before police intervened. It goes to show you, it's not just the people there.

- 154 pounds of bologna was seized at the Mexican border, leading to the arrest of the LAMEST SMUGGLER EVER.

- Prince Andrew was relieved of his royal duties earlier this week. He plans on spending his newly acquired free time hanging around the mall trying to “pick up chicks.”

- New Jersey has been ranked the smartest state in America, leaving the rest of the country wondering “how the fuck did that happen?”

- A doctor saved a traveler's life by sucking urine from the man's bladder during a mid flight emergency. Think about that the next time you complain about how stale United’s complimentary coffee is.

- 4 people were injured in an explosion at the Dippin' Dots factory. Investigators are calling this the most delicious workplace accident they've seen.

- Michael Bloomberg is throwing his hat into the presidential race. Based on his plans to spend $30 million on ads, it’s a very expensive hat.

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