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Jokes! The April 27th Edition

Welcome to another edition of "Jokes!" Here are this week's jokes:

-The first ever YouTube video was uploaded 15 years ago. The first video was titled "Me At the Zoo," a stark contrast from the most recent video that was uploaded: "Man Screams Racial Slurs While Showing You How To Apply A Fabulous Rouge Lipstick."

-Tom Hanks is donating blood after battling the coronavirus, striking fear into the hearts of fans who only know him from "Philadelphia."

-"Price Is Right" announcer George Gray is in good spirits after experiencing 3 heart attacks. Not in good spirits: the nurse who guessed it was 4.

-CNN and Sesame Street televised a town hall over the weekend to help kids understand Covid-19. The segments included "hand washing with Elmo," "staying healthy with Cookie Monster," and "oh dear god, I definitely have this disease" with Oscar the Grouch.

-China is being accused of underreporting Covid deaths after ordering 40,000 urns with 4,000 fatalities. Some say it's a conspiracy. Others are saying "maybe they're just not that good at math after all."

-Disney is offering free animation classes during the pandemic. Expect to see a lot more "Little Mermaid" ads on the sidebar of Pornhub.

-"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson's estate was the target of a drive by shooting over the weekend. No one was harmed in the shooting. Authorities are searching for suspect's at the nearest pond.

-A Whitney Houston biopic is in the works. A director hasn't been announced, but with the amount of cocaine that will be featured, one could expect Scarface's Brian De Palma.

-The 2020 NFL Draft took place over the weekend, giving young players a chance to introduce themselves before CTE makes them forget their names.

-North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, is "either dead or alive" according to Fox News' inside sources. The inside source? Some guy they ran into at the protest.

Tune in next week for another edition of "Jokes!"

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