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How to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 12, 2019

Since 1949, the month of May has been designated Mental Health Awareness Month. In honor of this, I have listed a few ways you can celebrate this.

1. Cry in Public

This is one of, if not, the best way to celebrate! On a crowded subway car? Collapse on to the floor, screaming the name of the last person to break your heart! "Cynthia! How could you throw my love away after all of the great times we had over our 2 and a half month courtship?!" Fellow straphangers will pull their phones out and record this moment, bringing plenty of awareness to all social media platforms.

2. Confide in a Complete Stranger

As hard as it is to make eye contact when suffering from various mental health issues, be sure to lock eyes with a harmless passerby. If they don't run away (this happens fairly often), introduce yourself! After exchanging a few pleasantries, quickly transition in to an admission of your deepest and darkest secrets. "I once sneezed in a baby's face. It wasn't intentional. But I wouldn't take that moment back if I could.."

3. Throw a Crying Party

Invite all of your friends in to your home for a good old fashioned group wailing! You think group sex is fun? Wait until you have your closest friends spilling tears on to your new Costco carpet! It's a level of intimacy that can't be matched.

4. Tickle Your Therapist

You paid for the hour. You should be able to do what you please! Get them in a corner and start moving your fingers around wildly as you approach them. They'll be forever grateful that you are trying to provide some levity to their working environment. They may even discount your rate for your next session!*

* For a list of new therapists, please contact your insurance provider.

5. Don't Leave Your Bed for a Month

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys did it for years! It raised a lot of mental health awareness. A month is an easy feat! If you can't do it for a month, you must not even have a fraction of the talent he has. If you can't accomplish this, see #6.

6. Create a List of Your Failures

This one is important. Write down all of your failures and shortcomings. Mail them to all of your neighbors. BE SURE TO INCLUDE A RETURN ADDRESS! Once they know they have a mentally ill neighbor, they will spread the word through your neighborhood, bringing even more awareness!

These are just a few ways to celebrate this year. Feel free to get creative with it! Have a terrific Mental Health Awareness Month and don't forget to take your pills.


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